#22 – 2024.03

Interface Monthly Update – #22

Token pages, minting with ERC20, tipping $ENJOY and more in our latest monthly update.

Highlights 🚀

  • We have launched token pages: activity, holders, links, interactive chart, socials – everything in one place;

  • You can now mint cryptomedia with any ERC2O on Interface;

  • Tip $ENJOY when minting with a comment. Learn more about $ENJOY tipping and rewards system here.

  • A BRAND NEW Special Edition In Print by SeedClub featuring Interface;

  • Interface profiles on Kiwi News 🥝

Interface profiles on Kiwi News
Interface profiles on Kiwi News

Features 🦄

  • Token profile: find everything you need to know about the token in token profiles. We show you all holders of that specific token, while highlighting the ones you follow. Users’ activity, token contract creator, chart, as well as any additional links, including a dedicated Farcaster channel (if present), are also provided.
Token profile
Token profile

Moreover, you can view all your trades involving the token directly on the chart!

See all your trades on the chart
See all your trades on the chart
  • Minting with ERC20: you can now mint with any ERC20 token directly on Interface! For your convenience, we also display the price in the feed, along with your token balance. To mint, you first need to approve the use of the token in your wallet. Once approved, you can proceed with minting. Additionally, it is possible to tip in comments – just type in the amount + $ENJOY.
Mint with ERC20 on Interface
Mint with ERC20 on Interface

We also made it possible to manually change the quantity of items you want to mint. Simply click on the field displaying the amount and adjust the number as needed.

Traction 👣

  • Interface users 3726 → 4709 +26.4%

  • MAU 1539 → 2375 +54.3%

  • Total connections 86 325 → 104 654 +21.2%

  • Mirror subscribers 892 → 928 +4%

  • Farcaster followers 1100 → 2049 +86.3%

  • interfacelabs.eth followers 1544 → 1756 +13.7%

Asks 🫡

Love ‼️!

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