#1 – 2022.06

Interface Monthly Update #1

gm sers & ladies,

This is our first such update, since the start we have set out to be transparent, raised from community in public and given that our main goal is to try to democratise access to the information, connect people and provide equal opportunities, thru a readable, navigable and discoverable web3 interface. It would only make sense, if we do our best to communicate on regular basis of what&how we are doing and our progress. Apologies for certain slack prior to this, will will try to make up for it in the future, but hey, we were super focused on building the product 🚜

Highlights 🚀

  • After 4 months of intense building we’ve launched 🎉 private beta both on Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.interfacelab) and iOS (TestFlight invites only for now) with feature parity and dark theme
  • We feel blessed 🥰 and excited to have received tonne of positive feedback & mentions from our early adopters, and grateful that early testers not only provided plenty of feature requests, bug reports, but also have in many cases become some sort of our ambassadors (few of the latest mentions dame.eth, edson.eth, daoleno, nnnnicholas.eth & many more)
  • We’ve released #2 (sold for 0.3465 ETH on Zora) and #3 (live now, with an active bid of 1 ETH on Foundation) of the scattered artefacts of interface collection. 1st one was physical+digital manuscript on Mirror sold for 6.9 ETH

Features 🦄

  • Added feed decoding support for Foundation, Zora, Noun&Lilnouns, CryptoPunks, SuperRare, selected governance both Bravos & Alpha (comp, uni, nouns, lil nouns, tribe & few others) & even Moonbirds nesting
  • ENS avatars now support all known to us formats and protocols (punks, raw data, nfts, ipfs, arweave, gifs, https) apart maybe mp4 (yes, someone points to a video as the pfp)
  • Tokens balances of any given address on Mainnet, Optimism & Arbitrum
  • Improved NFT support, wallet nft balances, single asset and collection views

Traction 🕳

  • Interface users 0 → 188 (+188) 🚀🌕
  • Early access applications 0 → 635
  • Total connections 0 → 2817 (~15 per user)
  • Twitter followers 807 → 1357 +70%
  • Discord members 59 → 234 +300% (125 of which have connected with wallets, that puts us in top 75 communities on guild.xyz)

What's next?

  • Gnosis safes support
  • Notification controls & settings
  • Extend support for governance and proposal views
  • Token & Collection holders
  • Decoder support for Juicebox, ENS & few others (you can decide)
  • Few super cool integrations (tba)
  • Transaction transfers (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155)
  • Customised NFT views per platform (ENS, Uniswap, marketplaces, etc)
  • Wider and better wallet support
  • Mint?

Onwards we build and super thankful to have you onboard with us, there are plenty more of indapp features that we haven’t yet mentioned, and even more mechanics, products, drops & mints to come. So do definitely come by our discord as we do truly value your feedback and do signal us what projects/protocols to label, decode or intergrade next! Also ollow our twitter & interfacelabs.eth

If you want early access, just submit the form and we will reach out to you asap ;)


wijuwiju.eth & Interface Labs team ;)

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