Interface into the web3

It is pretty much impossible to see what your friends are doing in the web3

As much as we love Etherscan, it is fairly unreadable for ordinary people. Portfolio managers like Debank, Zapper, Zerion have emerged during the DeFi era and are centered around single/bundle wallet’s info & balances, hence lack social web.

Newer creator economy requires to let people easily share information across their networks of friends & followers (some NFT platforms like have emerged to solve this).

Yet web3 is so much more than visual art, it’s the new data layer of human civilization, that deserves an interface that would let its participants communicate with all the protocols, dapps, networks & humans.

That is where the interface comes into play – a social app that aggregates wallet’s activity across various sources (chains, protocols, contracts, platforms) and turns them into a human friendly social feed.

Imagine scrolling your feed and seeing what your friends have aped into, whether that’s a mint of a new NFT collection, swap on one of the DEXes, or provision of liquidity to a bridge protocol. Maybe they’ve voted against a proposal in a DAO you both participate in and you would like to have a conversation with them about their decision. Or someone you follow has posted a new article on Mirror, listed a piece on Foundation or dropped a beat on Sound, with Interface – its all at your fingertips.

But ser, how is this possible, you ask. Interface searches and aggregates all the variety of your activities based on your wallet and the wallets you follow, parses them individually, as well as indexes it where it is required, so that an ordinary person can easily understand true meaning of a given onchain or offchain action that is associated with a given public address. For everything, including connections, investments, creations, balances, votes, posts, articles, sound records we tap into existing standards & protocols and make them readable, discoverable & readily available.

We believe that such interface in tandem with human connections would enable non-tech savvy people to form their own understanding of what is happening in the world, thus enabling them to make informed decisions. So we hypothesize that it would greatly reduce the information asymmetry between professional funds and analytical firms that often build big pictures in closed doors, and ordinary people.

In our view, decentralization is as a core pillar of web3, that enables the feature we all came to love about the space, transparent, unstoppable, permission-less, self-custodial and more without which non of the current and future innovations would be possible.

Embracing decentralization in our wherever we can, be that a certain piece of infrastructure like the “contract labeling” registry or open sourcing our mobile clients to the public, as we acknowledge its power and forkable nature that allows the space to thrive and flourish, thus in near future we hope to contribute an addition to the already great set of public good tools and projects available in space.

That is how we see the web3 & would love to provide a human friendly interface for its creators and their creations.

We understand that the journey ahead of us is not trivial, nor will be instantaneous, so have planned an iterative execution guidance to ship our awesome products out to the community at every step of the way and hope to continue buidling fruitful collaborations with project communities that we have identified to integrate first.

Journey has just begun and we are looking for the best and most enthusiastic talent out there, nevertheless enthusiasm can only get us thus far and we require some moneys to achieve the initial goals and milestones that we have set out to accomplish, so we invite you to join us! Be that in talent, advice, expertise, moneys or feedback ❤️

Thank you,

interface team

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