#8 – 2023.01

Interface monthly update – #8

  • Just quietly shipping, a few improvements on the infrastructure side, few more on the UI & UX. Metrics are continuously growing, word of month is slowly grinding the awareness. Thank you everyone for the support! 💕

Highlights 🚀

  • Not many, but there are few big’ish announcements planned this month ;)

  • Our initial contributor wijuwiju.eth attended Crypto Essay podcast on the web3 social along with vadim.eth (co-founder of Zerion) and ekh.eth (co-founder of Polymorphic Capital)

  • Featured in yet another report on the web3 social, this time by Messari, no idea what’s inside cause it is behind a paywall :)

Features 🦄

  • Search history – a much smoother search experience on iOS, allows you to see your recent search queries;

  • Support for the onchain messaging – new UI feed component, it detects human readable content attached in transaction data along with a few custom contracts like Corruptions post messages;

  • Revamped onboarding flow to help newcomers get a better sense of what Interface is all about, and added in-app criteria check;

  • Updated transaction view – a much cleaner look;

  • Notifications controls – highly requested feature! Added transactions mute and unmute all, plus default mute preferences for your new connections, all in a more intuitive UI.

New onboarding flow, notification customisation & search history
New onboarding flow, notification customisation & search history

Traction 🕳️

  • Interface users 1054 → 1211 +15%

  • MAU 762 → 936 +22.5%

  • Minted Particles 128 → 135 +5.5% ✨

  • Total connections 14 720 → 17 957 +22%

  • Twitter followers 4179 → 4382 +4.9%

  • Farcaster followers 282 → 330 +17%

  • Mirror subscribers - 469 → 503 +7.25%

We’ve dropped discord and guild metrics for now, as it has turned more into a support channel.

Asks 🫡

  • We are looking for an Android engineer. If you are interested to join Interface, or know someone who would be, please reach out to us at connect@interface.social.

  • Come by our discord, follow us on twitter & interfacelabs.eth on Interface.

  • To get the app, just go to join.interface.social

  • You can also read our previous monthly updates → #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7

  • There are 1211 editions available for claim, one per each user on the platform.

Love 💞

Interface Labs

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