#3 – 2022.08

Interface Monthly Update #3


This is already our 3rd monthly update, time indeed flies by. If so, let’s try to focus on things that matter.

Highlights 🚀

  • We’ve launched particles 🎉 – an onchain implementation of our vision towards decentralisation. In short, it is a primitive that can take various shapes and forms, hence represent anything through a fairly composable & robust base layer. Announcement article might shine a little bit more on how we foresee its evolvement

  • For those who are already using the app, we’ve made a survey, please do provide us your feedback, it is greatly appreciated and valued. Together we can (and will) make Interface better

  • We hosted our 1st community call, where most of discussions resolved around basic AMA and how to enable wider community participation

  • We’ve launched a refreshed smooth looking landing and hope it will be a nice way to communicate not only our features, but a bigger picture too

Features 🦄

  • The biggest one to date is our v1 indexer (that has been sweating tirelessly processing and storing terabytes of NFTs, tokens, transfers & txs). We are now working towards moving everything to a new set of APIs powered by it and we will be seeing a lot more features coming out once we fully migrate (i.e collection holders, token based suggestions, balances & a whole new set of indexable entities like we did with safes) 🤯

  • In-app particle #1 support, highlighted profiles for the holders & permissionless access to the app

  • Added protocol view → protocol is our way of abstracting away complexity for better UI/UX and navigation. i.e Uniswap protocol carries certain metadata like social links, name, logo & description along with all the affiliated contracts be that governor, routers or any other

Traction 🕳

  • Interface users 404 → 554 +37%

  • Early access applications 2596 → 3339 +29%

  • Total connections 6018 → 8459 +40% (~15 per user)

  • Twitter followers 2065 → 2568 +24%

  • Discord members 562 → 781 +39%

  • Guild members 385 → 578 +50%

  • Labelled methods 391 (new)

  • Minted Particles 85 (new 🎉)

What’s next?

  • Our 2nd community call on 05.09.22 (Monday) at 20:00 UTC where we will be announcing one of the first initiative for the particle holders and wider community

  • Featured collections in discovery tab

  • In-app labelling – letting anyone suggest a method name with ease (sorry Did something but we might be getting rid of your soon)

  • Social graph based suggestions

  • Feed v1 👀

Come by our discord, follow us on twitter & interfacelabs.eth on Interface.

If you want early access, just submit the form and we will reach out to you asap (make sure your DMs are open). Alternatively you can now also mint particle #1

Love 💞

Interface Labs team ;)

P.S. As usual our monthly update comes in form of a collectable, 554 editions per each user. You can also read our previous monthly updates → #1, #2

P.P.S. If you are an artist and want to be featured within the Interface, please reach out to us (DMs us twitter or discord)

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