#2 – 2022.07

gm, frens!

Our current focus is to improve & prepare underlying infrastructure to support tens & hundreds of thousands active users. By onboarding linearly solely through organic growth we have an ability to constantly iterate, fine-tune, experiment, decode and iterate again to deliver the best possible experience. Hence we would like to sincerely thank all our early adopters 💕

Highlights 🚀

  • sunnndayyy.eth has joined as community gardener contributor
  • We talked with czar.eth (prev nnnnicholas.eth) at Web3 Galaxy Brain podcast, where we’ve shined a bit on interface future
  • We got featured by @thedapplist as a project of the week, gave AMA, participated in various talks and events

Features 🦄

  • Profile settings, along with various notifications controls (soon to be extended with category based filters) to help manage potential noise
  • Mutual followers overview
  • Improved onboarding & wallet support
  • MARI – soon to be open sourced super performant golang package that can detect all sorts of contract types in nanoseconds
  • 12x speed improvement for the current decoder, 25x improvement in feed & activity load times
  • Gnosis Safes module to see wallets’ safes together with aditional info, including safes’ signers, balances and details
Gnosis Safe in Interface
Gnosis Safe in Interface

Traction 🕳

  • Interface users 188 → 404 +115%
  • Early access applications 635 → 2596 +309%
  • Total connections 2817 → 6018 +114% (~15 per user)
  • Twitter followers 1357 → 2065 +52%
  • Discord members 234 → 562 +140% (385 of which have connected with wallets, and moved us to top 60 communities on guild.xyz)

What's next?

  • Fully fledging indexing and all the dope features that it will bring along
  • More user research (we want to know you better, really)
  • Decode, decode, decode
  • Social graph based suggestions
  • Community events (we want you to know us better, too)
  • Mint, snapshot will be taken on 07.08.22

Come by our discord, follow us on twitter & interfacelabs.eth on Interface.

If you want early access, just submit the form and we will reach out to you asap (make sure your DMs are open).


Interface Labs team ;)

P.S this publications got 404 editions available to be minted to commemorate our first 404 users. You can also find previous publication here.

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