#4 – 2022.09

Interface Monthly Update #4

gm 🏷

Highlights 🚀

  • Moved to a permissionless, shareable, credential based access link for the app at join.interface.social, to let broader set of people get access to the beta 📲

  • Our very own first governance vote (don’t forget to vote if you haven’t done so), to introduce community curation for collections in discovery tab. Highlighting a number of value aligned projects with the goal of providing a platform of extended reach, engagement and opportunity for these projects. Our intent is to move away from centralised curation from the labs team, and to a more collaborative, community, artist led approach to this feature.

Features 🦄

  • Probably most wanted feature from our community was an ability to label wallets, if you click 3 dots on the profile you can add your own custom name for it;

  • We’ve also added suggesting method names for transactions, which hopefully will enable us make Interface much more readable;

  • Finally added Coinbase Wallet support (Ledger & web based are next);

  • Added featured collections in the discovery tab, a community governed (if the vote passes) list of NFT collections that to be showcased among the community.

Traction 🕳

  • Interface users 554 → 645 +16%

  • Early access applications (dropped for join.interface.social 📲)

  • Total connections 8459 → 9399 +11% (~14.5 per user)

  • Twitter followers 2568 → 2669 +4%

  • Governance participation 40% (new 🎉)

  • Discord members 781 → 826 +6%

  • Guild members 578 → 663 +15%

  • Labelled methods 391 → 613 +57%

  • Minted Particles 85 → 116 +36% ✨

Asks 🫡

  • Share join.interface.social among your friends, communities & audiences. Onboarding new people with the outlined criteria helps tremendously with the development process as it provides invaluable data and signals where to focus our efforts! Also don’t forget to suggest criteria of your own in our discord, especially featured tokens & NFT collections.

What’s next?

  • Collection holders;

  • Token and social graph suggestions;

  • Our 3rd community call on 05.10.22 (Wednesday time is tba);

  • Our first twitter space with a dope lineup from the space, discussing challenges of coordination (time & date to be announced, but most likely week starting on the 10th of October).

Come by our discord, follow us on twitter & interfacelabs.eth on Interface.

To get the app, just go to join.interface.social and check if you meet the current criteria, alternatively we will keep the form open. Don’t forget you can always mint particle #1.

Love 💞

Interface Labs

P.S. As usual our monthly update comes in form of a collectable, 645 editions per each user. You can also read our previous monthly updates → #1, #2, #3

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