#6 – 2022.11

Interface Monthly Update #6

gm πŸ“²

Highlights πŸš€

  • Particle #1 holders have voted and winners for the December featured collections are Interface Particles ✨ (lol), Prometheans aka the flame keepers, CLONE X – X TAKASHI MURAKAMI, mfers and Right Click Share by XCOPY & Deca. Now, these collection holders also get additional 2 criteria points to get the access to the app

  • We have hosted our first podcast, Particle Pod #1 – a conversation with the dynamic duo brileigh.eth and matthewbrooks.eth from Juicebox on the challenges of decentralised coordination. P.S. you can now listen to the podcasts right in the Interface itself 🀯

  • We have received $10,000 grant from the Mask Network πŸ’™ to build the web3 social

  • Now those who have collected all our monthly update edition have a dedicated role on discord – a serial reader

  • We now also have our own intern πŸ‘©πŸΏβ€πŸ’»

  • We hosted our 4th community call with the biggest turnout yet, during which we live minted Particle Pod

  • We have conducted 12 user interviews this past month (thank you all who participated, we love you πŸ’–). Besides getting a better understanding of the user profiles, habits, preferences and needs, we also ask participants to share their perception of Interface – you can see some of the quotes below. This way, we want to observe how (and if) this perception changes over time, when new features and mechanics are integrated

what is interface to you?
what is interface to you?

Features πŸ¦„

  • Improved search πŸ” – you can now dynamically search for addresses, ens, collections & tokens, later we will add Lens and Farcaster profiles support and improved prioritising to clean up the fake collections and tokens

  • Collection – we have added collection items and holders, finding new people to follow & connect with has never been easier and it is all powered by our in-house indexer 🀘

New collection look & some alpha πŸ˜‰
New collection look & some alpha πŸ˜‰

Traction πŸ•³

  • Interface users 803 β†’ 863 +7.5%

  • MAU β†’ 610 β†’ 639 +4.5%

  • Minted Particles 119 β†’ 126 +6% ✨

  • Total connections 11 363 β†’ 11 752 +3.5% (~14 per user)

  • Twitter followers 4077 β†’ 4067 -0.25%

  • Governance participation 50% β†’ 43.5% (avg)

  • Discord members 1510 β†’ 1480 -2%

  • Guild members 1353 β†’ 1400 +3.5%

  • Labelled methods 707 β†’ 757 +7%

Asks 🫑

  • We are now structuring our next podcast, the outline is to discuss how creators and brands can utilise onchain asset discoverability and propagation mechanics. Feel free to chip in with any resources and speakers you would like to see to discuss this topic, we have started a dedicated forum section in our discord

What’s next?

  • We will try to finish 2022 on a high note, so keep an eye on the upcoming updates 🫑

  • Come by our discord, follow us on twitter & interfacelabs.eth on Interface.

  • To get the app, just go to join.interface.social

  • You can also read our previous monthly updates β†’ #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5

  • There are 863 editions available for claim one per each user on the platform.

Love πŸ’ž

Interface Labs

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