#17 – 2023.10

Interface Monthly Update – #17

Notifications for cryptomedia, mint in wallet browser, ETH Rome and more in our latest monthly update.

Highlights 🚀

  • More than 2.7K Interface Zorbs were minted this past month. Thank you!

  • We keep improving the cryptomedia experience;

  • Balaji talks about Interface being the v1 of social web of trust

  • Interface was one of the sponsors at ETH Rome – huge shoutout to limone.eth and the wonderful urbe.eth team!

Features 🦄

  • Enhanced notifications: you now get notified when users you follow on Interface collect or create something new on Zora (supporting Zora Network, Base, Optimism and Ethereum).
Notifications for creations
Notifications for creations
View and mint in wallet browser
View and mint in wallet browser

Traction 👣

  • Interface users 2839 → 3014 +6.2%

  • MAU 1317 (adjusted) → 1478 +12.2%

  • Total connections 55 741 → 61 018 +9.8%

  • Twitter followers 5856 → 6072 +3.7%

  • Mirror subscribers 667 → 699 +4.8%

Asks 🫡

  • We have just released the cryptomedia experience and we would love to know what you think! Do you find it useful? Is there anything you’d want to see different? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us on XFarcaster or via connect@interface.social.

  • Our team is going to Devconnect, so if you’re in Istanbul around that time let’s meet irl!

Love 🔔

Interface Labs

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