#19 – 2023.12

Interface Monthly Update – #19

This is the final monthly update of 2023! Thank you for sticking with us, using the app, and sharing your feedback – we wouldn't have made it this far without your support 💕

Highlights 🚀

  • Interface played a crucial role in propagating the first Farcaster meme coin. Onchain distribution for the win!
  • We got our very own Farcaster channel – please feel free follow and use it as the general communication, feature requests and feedback space;

  • Still Here Show episode #2 with wijuwiju.eth is out;

  • Yash Bora wrote a beautiful letter to Interface 🥰;

  • Interface got a lot of attention this past month and even made it to several top crypto apps lists, including the ones by 0xdesigner, Andrei and Ilya;

  • UI improvements: bookmarks for cryptomedia, notifications settings, marking collectibles you own, ability to filter out content in ‘For you’ feed and more;

  • We launched the Interface Ads collection to further explore the potential of onchain distribution. More ads soon:


Features 🦄

  • Bookmarks: bookmark content to read, watch, listen to, or mint later. You can do this directly from your feed, while browsing through collections you like, or exploring other users’ collectibles. To remove, simply tap on the bookmark icon.
  • Cryptomedia improvements: we have made several improvements to enhance your cryptomedia experience:

    • Filter out content from your 'For you' feed by tapping 'Not Interested' on any media item. This will exclude any content by that creator from your feed;

    • Enjoy media items embedded into Mirror posts directly on Interface;

    • See which collectibles (and how many) you already own when browsing other profiles and collections.

Cryptomedia improvements: not interested, embedded Mirror NFTs, collectibles you own
Cryptomedia improvements: not interested, embedded Mirror NFTs, collectibles you own
  • Enhanced notification preferences: we have introduced additional controls to your notification settings, allowing you to tailor your preferences and receive only the notifications that matter to you.
Notification settings
Notification settings

Traction 👣

  • Interface users 3169 → 3497 +10.4%

  • MAU 1532 → 1822 +18.9%

  • Total connections 65083 → 76126 +17%

  • Twitter followers 6164 → 6550 +6.3%

  • Mirror subscribers 733 → 764 +4.2%

  • interfacelabs.eth followers 978 → 1119 +14.4%

Asks 🫡

  • If you’re on Farcaster, join Interface channel for updates, feature requests, feedback, bug reports and whatnot!

Love and Happy New Year 🎄

Interface Labs

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