#18 – 2023.11

Interface Monthly Update – #18

“That’s what we want — a very familiar user interface showing cryptographically provable events.” – Balaji about Interface.

Highlights 🚀

  • Several essential UI improvements for the cryptomedia feed, details below;

  • Notifications update: if you create something on Zora, you get notified via Interface when your work is minted;

  • Balaji mentioned Interface in his reply to Vitalik’s question “What is the best instantiation of the "blockchain as ledger of record" idea that you've seen?” on Farcaster AMA;

  • Interface was part of the Base Onchain Daily campaign this month;

  • Our friends at UFO published an article about their experience using Interface. You can also collect this beautiful commemorative UFO Interface Zorb:


Features 🦄

  • Improved action button within cryptomedia feed: we realised that the previous iteration with the “Origin” button (✨) was not intuitive, so we made a subtle update to the action button, now displaying the mint status and allowing you to select your preferred wallet browser all in one place.
Updated action button
Updated action button
  • Improved edition and collection modules: we made several minor improvements to the UI of the modules, adding links, mint status, and stats (mints, comments and holders). We also show you if you own any items from a specific collection.
Improved edition and collection views
Improved edition and collection views
  • New user lists: we added several user lists for you to explore and follow – Suggested by Interface (active onchain creators and collectors), Mirror writers and Onchain brands. If you know someone who we should include, or want to be included yourself – let us know! We are also open to suggestions for new categories.
User lists
User lists
  • 3D asset support: you can now interact with 3D models in your cryptomedia feed.

Traction 👣

  • Interface users 3014 → 3169 +5.1%

  • MAU 1478 → 1532 +3.6%

  • Total connections 61018 → 65083 +6.7%

  • Twitter followers 6072 → 6164 +1.5%

  • Mirror subscribers 699 → 733 +4.9%

  • interfacelabs.eth followers 978 (new metric)

Asks 🫡

  • We have applied for Optimism RetroPGF. If you find Interface useful for the ecosystem and would like to support us, the voting is open until December 7th :)

  • As mentioned earlier, we added new user lists. If you know someone who we should include, or want to be included yourself – let us know! We’re also open to suggestions for new categories.

Love ❣️

Interface Labs

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