#23 – 2024.04

Interface Monthly Update – #23

Degen chain, Farcaster Index, favourite tokens, improved cryptomedia UI, multi account support and more in our latest monthly update.

Highlights 🚀

  • Added Degen chain support for transaction feed;

  • We started featuring onchain accounts of Interface users, e.g. ciniz.eth and dos.eth;

  • Interface participated in Perl game on Farcaster;

  • Improved token experience by adding:

    • Farcaster Index – a list of tokens trending on Farcaster, curated by Carlos;

    • Ability to add tokens to favourites;

    • Ability to proceed directly to Uniswap from the token screen with a desired token preselected;

  • You can now add multiple wallets for minting;

  • Interface – Your Degen Companion: open edition by Floc


Features 🦄

  • Degen L3: see transactions of the users you follow on Degen chain.
Degen Chain live on Interface
Degen Chain live on Interface
  • Multi account support for minting: add multiple wallets to mint cryptomedia directly on the mint screen. We also display balances of the token you will be paying with.
Multi Account Support
Multi Account Support
  • Farcaster Index and Favourite Tokens: see tokens trending on Farcaster in the Explore tab, and add them (or any others) to favourites for easy access.
Facaster Index on Interface
Facaster Index on Interface
  • Contract affiliation links: some contracts you see in your transaction feed have icons next to them. By clicking on the icon, you can view the project affiliated with that contract.
Contract Affiliation Icons
Contract Affiliation Icons
  • Improved Cryptomedia UI: if you don’t have enough ETH on a network the desired NFT is on, or if your ERC20 balance is insufficient, we now redirect you to corresponding websites, allowing you to bridge or purchase the needed amounts.
Insufficient Balance Errors & Links
Insufficient Balance Errors & Links

Traction 👣

  • Interface users 4709 → 5105 +8.4%

  • MAU 2375 → 2356 -0.8%

  • Total connections 104 654 → 116 915 +11.7%

  • Mirror subscribers 928 → 1009 +8.7%

  • Farcaster followers 2049 → 2900 +41.5%

  • interfacelabs.eth followers 1756 → 1905 +8.5%

Asks 🫡


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