#11 – 2023.04

Interface Monthly Update – #11

Android progress, Origins, audio player, connection via desktop, bookmarks, Interface bucket hat for your Blob and more in our latest monthly update.

Highlights 🚀

  • Made significant progress on Android, including new onboarding, user profiles and general UI improvements. We expect to reach full parity with iOS functionality by July, so bear with us;

  • Launched ✨Origins – a significant improvement of your Interface experience, more on that in the Features section;

  • Slightly updated the website, so you can now easily find all the necessary links there;

  • Partnered with https://blobs.lol/ and created a cute Interface bucket hat to wear on your Blob. The NFT owners will also be able to redeem an actual Interface hat for their own heads soon, so you might want to get one (when ⛽️ drops).

Features 🦄

  • Audio player: now you can listen to any audio content while scrolling through your feed, or even when you close the app.
Audio player
Audio player
  • Connect via desktop: you no longer need a mobile wallet to enjoy Interface. Choose Connect wallet via Desktop and complete 3 simple steps to finilise the sign-in.
Connect wallet via desktop
Connect wallet via desktop
  • Origins : a ✨ button next to collection widget that leads to a platform where an asset was created. Now the time from discovery to mint is shortened, as you no longer need to search for the collection on Twitter or elsewhere, you proceed directly to the mint page.

    We already support Highlight, PartyBid, Foundation, Manifold, Sloika, Paragraph, Bueno, Sound, Zora and Nifty Gateway, with more platfroms coming soon.

Origins button
Origins button
  • Bookmarks: you can now bookmark any transaction in your feed.

Traction 👣

  • Interface users 1556 → 1725 +11%

  • MAU 1414 → 1332 -6% (due to the App Store launch last month the stats for March were likely duplicated)

  • Total connections 25 143 → 28 107 +11.7%

  • Twitter followers 4604 → 4809 +4.5%

  • Farcaster followers 387 → 416 +7.5%

  • Mirror subscribers 543 → 586 +7.9%

Asks 🫡

  • Your feedback is incredibly valuable for us, as it significantly impacts our development process and feature prioritisation. If you have any comments/ questions/ feature requests, or experience any difficulties using the app, please do let us know 🫶

  • We decided to celebrate the Origins with an NFT (which was probably not the best idea considering the current gas economy). Yet, the mint will be live for the entire month.

Love 💞

Interface Labs

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