#13 – 2023.06

Interface Monthly Update – #13

Joining the Seed Club Accelerator, surpassing 2000 verified members, activity screen, multiple new features on Android and more in our latest monthly update.

Highlights πŸš€

  • Got accepted into Seed Club Accelerator, joining the inaugural Consumer Crypto Cohort (SC06) 🌟

  • Eliot Couvat wrote a great piece on Interface and how it addresses the discoverability challenge;

  • Introduced several new features on Android, including updated collections UI, POAP support, and wallet labels. You can now also connect wallet via desktop;

  • Fully migrated to WalletConnect v2.0 on both platforms.

Features πŸ¦„

  • Activity screen: you can now keep track of the recent updates in the new activity screen. Currently, it aggregates two types of notifications: new followers and recent publications created by the users you follow. Soon we will be adding more types tailored specifically for your wallet, so stay tuned!
Notification button in feed, activity screen and an article
Notification button in feed, activity screen and an article

Traction πŸ‘£

  • Interface users 1922 β†’ 2045 +6.4%

  • MAU 1264 β†’ 1359 +7.5%

  • Total connections 32 999 β†’ 36 375 +10.2%

  • Twitter followers 4926 β†’ 4960 +0.7%

  • Mirror subscribers 611 β†’ 605 -1% (πŸ˜…)

Asks 🫑

  • If you enjoy using the app, we'd really appreciate it if you could spare a moment to leave us a review on the App Store. Your feedback means the world to us and helps others discover our app. Thanks a bunch! πŸ’•

  • In case you have any feature requests, please do share them with us here.

Love ⛱️

Interface Labs

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