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Interface — an experience that helps you discover what is happening on-chain ✨

Openness is one of our core values at Interface. Earlier this year, we shared the idea with the community and successfully raised 50 ETH to bootstrap initial development phase. We then proceeded with an early MVP release vs building in a stealth mode, and with your help have gathered valuable feedback, product suggestions, primary data and insights. Since June, we began publishing our monthly updates – they include some of our key traction metrics, feature updates, roadmap, highlights and more.

As an industry, we have evolved beyond DeFi legos: now there are many more blocks to compose the way humans interact, whether it is social graphs, reputation, identity or various other onchain assets, activities & content. These are scattered all over the place, and we want to make sense of it all, together.

We are only just embarking on our quest and invite you to join us on this journey 🏔️

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In addition, all Sub #1 holders get 2 criteria points to access our private beta 📲

If you are new to Interface it might be interesting to catch up with our monthly updates, plus they are all collectible 😉

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